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Tuesday 20 June

11:45 am

Room TBC

Seminar Panel

11:45 am

S1. Cyber Risk – what really matters

This seminar will examine cyber risk trends and integration of cyber risk within ERM and governance frameworks.

Threats in cyberspace will continue to evolve and diversify as cyberattack capabilities become commoditised and proliferate to a wider range of states and criminal groups. The number of actors with the ability and intent to target attacks will increase, and these threat actors will employ a wider range of levers to conduct disruptive activity. As attacks continue to proliferate and the potential penalties, both regulatory and in terms of loss of customer trust, increase, cyber risk is a priority for every organisation, industry, and government. Where is this evolution taking us?

Gareth Bateman

Cyber Growth Leader


Helen Bourne

Partner and Head of UK Cyber Team

Clyde & Co

Erica Kofie

Head of Cyber Proposition


Kate Loads

Director, Insurance

Liberty Global Group

James Lord

Client Partner - Insurance


Jayan Perera


Control Risks

Room TBC

Seminar Panel

11:45 am

S2. Geopolitics and Geoeconomics – shaping the world

This seminar will consider the macro-political and financial environment and implications for strategic risk and risk financing.

Geopolitics and Geoeconomics increasingly have a major impact on the long-term sustainability of organisations, sectors and society. Uncertainty is here to stay and will contribute to a more volatile business environment in the foreseeable future. Instability typically has a negative impact on the risk appetite of organisations and can encourage boards to look shorter term, just when their eyes should be focussed beyond the horizon.

Jennie Beard

Underwriting Manager

Liberty Specialty Markets

Alex Frost

Head of Market Development


Michael Gregory

Head of Underwriting Strategy & Delivery


Kirna Kataria

Lead Security Analyst for Central and West Africa

International SOS

Samantha Westaway

Client Relationship Management Director


Room TBC

Seminar Panel

11:45 am

S3. Rising global temperatures – physical risk consequences

This seminar will explore existing and emerging acute and chronic climate risks, as well as the triggering of climate tipping points which can drastically accelerate more extreme weather.

Direct physical consequences of rising global temperatures include changes in the frequency and severity of extreme weather events. Flooding is predicted to increase with average global temperatures and rising sea levels in combination with stronger storm surges which will amplify the risk in coastal areas over time. Heatwaves are likely to occur more frequently, and last longer, with impacts on property and agriculture, and life and health due to excess mortality and morbidity.

Dr Avinoam Baruch

COO and Co-Founder


Annemarie Büttner

Lead Climate Risk Solutions

Swiss Re

Ian Gibbs

National Technical Manager


Torolf Hamm

Head of Physical Climate Change Risk Consulting, Risk & Analytics


Chris Hickin

Operations Engineering Manager

FM Global

Hoe-Yeong Loke

Head of Research


Matt McEwan

Director, Risk Management

Coca-Cola Europacific Partners

Room TBC

Seminar Panel

11:45 am

S4. A fast-track to data efficiency and security – banks can do it, so can insurance

This seminar will explain a new, neutral, solution connecting corporates to their brokers, insurers and the insurance ecosystem.

In banking, a neutral digital infrastructure has been the catalyst for industry-wide digital innovation. In insurance, this hasn’t happened – until now. A digital infrastructure to fast-track efficiency, innovation, and growth for commercial insurance is becoming a reality. This seminar will operate as a moderated discussion.

Robert Bartlett


Big Ticket

Caroline Dunn

Chief Underwriting Officer

Zurich UK

Ben Harris



Joe Peiser

Commercial Risk Leader for North America


Matthew Washington

Managing Director, UK Commercial Lines Underwriting & GCS


Dickie Whitaker

Chief Executive

Oasis LMF

Lee Worth

Head of Group Insurance


2.15 pm

Room TBC

Seminar Panel

2:15 pm

S5. Cyber insurance – going nowhere or going somewhere?

This seminar will discuss some of the changes taking place in the market and the sustainability of this class of cover.

The global cyber insurance market is estimated to grow at a compound average of almost 25% annually to reach a total market size of almost £25 billion in 2026 – so this class of insurance cover seems to be going somewhere. The cyber insurance market is providing valuable service-oriented offerings but continues to frustrate many buyers through a lack of industry consistency in data underwriting needs, the amount of data required to support underwriting, which then delivers mixed results. Is the cover on offer worth the premium investment involved?

Shannan Fort

Partner – Cyber – Financial Lines


Ben Hobby


Baker Tilly

Vanessa Leemans

Head of Cyber, UK & Lloyd's


Mark Pollard

Chief Operating Officer


Kieran Shiret

Cyber Underwriter

Tokio Marine Kiln

Scott Stransky

Head of the MMC Cyber Risk Analytics Centre

Marsh McLennan

Stuart Turner

Director of Risk Management, Europe & APAC

Schneider Electric

Room TBC

Seminar Panel

2:15 pm

S6. Transition risks – beyond COP 28

This seminar will discuss the move to implementation of net-zero policies – and how the insurance industry is geared up to respond.

As the world aims to reduce the production of greenhouse gases and to shift to a global economy with net-zero emissions, on the liability side this has implications for insurers in product design and liabilities. New policy and regulatory measures constraining actions that contribute to climate change may lead to liability issues associated with greenhouse gas emissions. Increasing litigation activities may come with large losses under environmental, product, D&O and other professional liabilities. Assets may become obsolete due to policy changes or carbon-pricing and turn into “stranded assets.”

Dr Bev Adams

Head of ESG and Climate Resilience

Marsh Advisory

Gavin Hayes

Head of Policy and External Affairs

Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors

Charlie Heathcote

Head of ESG Analytics & Reporting


Ashleigh Lezard

Sustainability Measurement & Reporting Lead

Liberty Specialty Markets

Roger Jackson



Margaret Peloso

Senior Vice President, Chubb Group Global Climate Officer and Executive Director of the Chubb Charitable Foundation


Frank Streidl

Head of Commercial Insurance

Zurich UK

Room TBC

Seminar Panel

2:15 pm

S7. Supply chains – reimagining tomorrow

This seminar will consider relevant trends and how organisations can build supply chain resilience with flexibility.

Many CEOs now identify supply chain disruption as one of the greatest threats to the growth of their organisation and the strength of country economies, yet only 2% of organisations have visibility of their supply chain beyond the second tier. Supply chain management can be complex and as the world becomes more turbulent the degree of complexity can increase. Managing supply chain risk is a team activity but as with all teams, leadership is required, and risk professionals are stepping up to take on this lead role.

Neil Atkinson

Head of Marine, UK Company

CNA Hardy

Kerry Balenthiran

Group Manager, Business Risk Consulting

FM Global

Alex Frost

Head of Market Development


Antonia Pegden


Herbert Smith Freehills

James Hargreave

Director - Industry Practice Lead

Moody's RMS

Caroline Woolley

Director and Practice Leader - Investigative Accounting Group

Meaden & Moore International

Room TBC

Seminar Panel

2:15 pm

S8. Connected and Complex risk – scanning the new horizon

This seminar will address the types of business transformation driven by internal needs and external forces and the differing pace of transformation.

Technological developments drive digital transformation. Climate change creates a need for green transformation. Shocks, such as Covid-19 or the war in Ukraine, result in the demand for crisis management transformation. Business transformations vary in terms of content, pace, and place of initiation — and it is rare for an organisation to undergo one transformation at a time. Doing business today means navigating a complex landscape of interconnected and interdependent issues, each having multiple stakeholders, agendas, and risks.

Suki Basi

Managing Director

Russell Group

Mark Holt

Vice President of International Sales


Eddie McLaughlin

Global Leader – Actuarial, Analytics & Risk Financing


Alison Quinlivan

Head of International Insurance and Captives


Brendan Plessis

EVP, Client Management, Strategic Distribution and Development

Sompo International

Tom Teixeira


Arthur D. Little

Wednesday 21 June

10.15 am

Room TBC

Seminar Panel

10:15 am

S9. Cyber – when it all goes wrong – the a-z of a cyber event response and recovery

This seminar will engage a panel of Airmic members addressing cyber scenarios and options for response and recovery.

There is a lot of discussion around cyber risks and insurance but much less discussion about what good practices look like in the event of an attack. How do organisations build cyber resilience and as part of this a framework for a rapid response and recovery. Who are the response stakeholders, how are they activated, and how do they collaborate, to ensure a dynamic response and recovery?

Rosehana Amin


Clyde & Co

Ben Cooney

Director, Risk Management, Real Estate


Nick Essner

Head of Cyber Solutions


Johnty Mongan

Head of Cyber Risk Management


Bernard Regan


Baker Tilly

Jamie Saunders

Strategic Consultant

Aston Saunders

Room TBC

Seminar Panel

10:15 am

S10. Greenwashing – the risks to insurers and corporates

This seminar will debate how brokers, insurers and risk professionals can collaborate to guide sustainability, as well as regulatory moves to define sustainability.

Corporations, both financial and otherwise, are increasingly under pressure to demonstrate sustainable practices and products. From green and sustainable financial instruments to different production methods, to sustainable underwriting and transition pathways, the demands are increasing. The major new risk to emerge from this trend, however, is the danger of ‘greenwashing’ – the presentation of goods and services as sustainable, when in fact they are not. Who decides what is sustainable? Are national or supranational sustainability taxonomies truly feasible – and what is the UK planning for the future? What are the legal, financial, and reputational threats if a company is accused, or worse, deemed guilty of greenwashing?

Greig Anderson


Herbert Smith Freehills

Franck Baron

Group Deputy Director, Risk Management & Insurance

International SOS

James Cleaver

CUO & Head of Munich Re F&C London

Munich Re

Michelle Radcliffe

Director, Insurance Consulting & Technology


Jordane Terrasse

Head of Group Risk Transfer

London Stock Exchange Group

Room TBC

Seminar Panel

10:15 am

S11. Parametric insurance – set to mature and grow

This seminar will consider how parametric solutions might evolve and which areas of cover growth is most likely and why.

The market for parametric insurance is set to grow as organisations look for solutions to emerging and non-traditional risks like climate change and non-damage business interruption. Parametric solutions, which pay out when a pre-agreed threshold on an index is reached, can help risk professional address today’s complex and fast-changing risk environment. These solutions should be a powerful tool to fill the gaps in traditional insurance and tackle those challenges that the current environment is imposing.

Ryan Dodd

Founder and CEO


Fanny Dunner

Technical Parametric Underwriter


Tina Kirby

Senior Underwriter

Munich Re UK Life Branch

Adrian Ladbury

Director & Editor-in-Chief

Commercial Risk

Paul Jones

Business Development Director - U.K. & Ireland 


Room TBC

Seminar Panel

10:15 am

S12. There’s a revolution going on – what’s trending in captives

This seminar will focus on what is trending strategically in the captives space and which sectors are taking the lead.

At half time in 2023, we expect to see the increase in captive activity continue. As the cyber risk insurance market continues to be uncertain, and exposures are pushed back onto the policyholders, cyber captive activity looks set to continue. As extreme weather has seen claims increasing, captives are stepping up to fill the risk transfer gap. More revolutionary are catastrophe risk blended solutions starting to emerge. Organisations are looking beyond short-term insurance market volatility and including captives in their toolkit of longer term strategic risk financing solutions.

Cleo Curl

Group Insurance Director


Richard Cutcher

Captives Ambassador


Nick Donovan

Head of Distribution


Andy Hulme

Director of Underwriting

Strategic Risk Solutions

David Schupak

Director – Global Relationship Management


Paul Sykes

Managing Director

Aon Guernsey

Owen Williams

Global Programme & Captive Director, UK & Lloyd's


11.30 am

Room TBC

Seminar Panel

11:30 am

S13. ESG: Integrating climate risks into an ERM framework

This seminar will explore the inclusion of climate and sustainability into existing risk management structures- the outcome will feed into an Airmic Report.

This seminar will be limited in delegate numbers and operate as a moderated Masterclass with an agenda to include:

• Conceptual differences between general ERM and sustainability/ESG risks
• Ownership and accountability
• Prioritisation of risks
• Mitigation

Adabel Asinugo

Head of Risk Management and Sustainability


Mark Boult


Boult Consulting Limited

William Bruce

Global Head of Climate Risk Consulting


Alex Hindson

Partner, Head of Sustainability


Daniel Keir

Specialist Risk Engineer – Climate Change

Zurich Resilience Solutions

Keith Smith

Senior Consultant, Risk Advisory & Analytics

Barnett Waddingham

Room TBC

Seminar Panel

11:30 am

S14. Technology: Insurtech powering the future of insurance

This seminar will consider the maturity of Insurtech solutions and the and opportunities these present.

Insurtech developments offer a host of solutions, but can insurance buyers and risk transfer structures benefit directly? Solutions built with the customer in mind, do exist, and have proven successful in specific use cases. However, the reality is that Insurtech experiences lag behind the standards set in other industries.

Richard Archer

Chief Strategy Officer


Jeremy Burgess


The Insurance Network

Angus Rhodes

Global Product Manager


Shruthi Rao

CEO & Cofounder

Adapt Ready

Room TBC

Seminar Panel

11:30 am

S15. International insurance: Global programmes must lead the way on contract certainty and data analytics

This seminar will examine current trends, challenges, and opportunities to negotiate the best deal, appropriately allocate premium, and avoid fines and penalties.

What new issues are faced by programmes, what new covers are being integrated, have programmes gone digital, and are claims being managed effectively? In a world of new tax and regulatory and growing ESG requirements, what have we learned in the last three years and what is out there over the horizon?

Anna Connolly

Portfolio Manager – Major Risks – London Market Property


Joseph Finbow

Portfolio Director - IPT


Kevin Hegel

Head of Client Services & Multinational


Monica Karmasin

Senior Client Development Manager


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