Privacy Policy

Airmic Annual Conference 2024 Privacy Policy

This policy is supplemental to the Airmic Privacy Policy which can be found at:

It explains how we collect personal information, what we use the information about you for, the basis on which we collect it and who we may share it with at and following the Conference where this is outside the Airmic Privacy Policy.  You should read it together with the Airmic Privacy Policy as that provides details such as who we are and your rights which are not repeated here.

The personal information we collect during the Conference

When we collect data before you enter the Conference the Airmic Privacy Policy applies.  The categories of information we collect are:

  • your name
  • your employer’s name
  • an email address (work or personal as supplied at the time your booking was made)
  • phone numbers
  • details of job title/role
  • contact address
  • dietary requirements
  • access requirements

At the Conference we may collect data about you by scanning your delegate badge.  This may also be done by some of the exhibitors, hosts or sponsors.  This privacy policy only applies in relation to Airmic and any parties specified below. Any other parties should make their own privacy policy available.  When your delegate badge is scanned the categories of information we will collect about you are:

  • your name
  • your employer’s name
  • an email address (work or personal as supplied at the time your booking was made)
  • details of job title/role

The conference is a business to business event and we are only collecting information about individuals to do with their business.  The personal information we use about individuals concerns their business relationship with us or with our partners.

How we use and disclose personal information

We may use your personal data for the following purposes:

  • monitoring the attendance at different parts of the Conference
  • sharing your data with the organisations specified below.  All these organisations have contracts with us and will treat your data in compliance with the laws.  You will have all of the rights set out in the Airmic Privacy Policy in relation to those organisations as well as in relation to Airmic.

Where we process your data, it is subject to our strict internal policy requirements as well as the Data Protection regulations. The other parties will have their own strict internal policies to ensure their compliance as well.

The basis on which we (and those organisations we share data with) use your data is our (their) legitimate interest. We will use your personal data to manage the conference and provide improvements in future and therefore have a legitimate interest for this purpose.  Any organisations specifically listed below have a legitimate interest in the purpose specified for their use. 

How long will your personal information be held?

We will hold the personal information as set out in the Airmic Privacy Policy.  Where a third party holds the information, they will hold it for as long as they are required to do so and will remove any personal information they do not need when they no longer need it.

If we have personal information which you have consented for us to use we will use it for the purpose of the consent and hold it for the period the consent remains in force and any other period we need for regulatory or other legal reasons.  You may remove your consent at any time.

We will delete any information about you we no longer need.  Please see below in relation to your rights to have data erased, rectified or for you to access it and for you to object to any processing or to transfer it.


Your privacy and data protection are very important to us and the organisations listed below.  We comply with all aspects of the Data Protection legislation and ensure that any third parties also do so. You can find out more about your rights to data from the Information Commissioners Office.

Some data processing may occur in other parts of the European Union (“EU”) or outside of the EU. Wherever data is processed your rights under the Data Protection Regulations will be met and we will ensure that any agreement to process or share your data ensures this.

Shared Data

At this Conference we will share data with the following parties who will use it as set out here:

All registered delegates and exhibitors.  We share registration lists with delegates and exhibitors prior to and during the event. The lists contain names, job titles, organisations and attendee status (Airmic member or other).  We specify on the list that the information is provided only for use in networking at the conference.

Conference session hosts and sponsors. The data that will be shared is from scanning your delegate badge, which will be your name, your organisation’s name, your job title, your delegate category (Airmic Member / other) and your email address. In sharing the data, Airmic states that it may be used for follow up related to the conference session at which it was collected, and not for general marketing purposes.

Session hosts and sponsors who have stipulated particular provisions related to data sharing are listed below:

  • None to date in 2024

Contact Us

If you have any enquiry relating to your personal information, you can do so by sending an e-mail to us at

(Please note that because of the insecure nature of emails we cannot accept any responsibility for data lost or intercepted in transit.)

Or write to us at:  Airmic Ltd, Marlow House, 1a Lloyd’s Avenue, London, EC3N 3AA